In explanation…

Children are to be seen and not heard…No.  I emphatically do not agree with that statement; however, this is what my father always said to me as I was growing up.  Let me be clear.  My father is a wonderfully wise man who, along with my mother, created a foundation of values upon which my world is firmly placed.  He taught me to be strong, undaunted in achieving my goals, and positively opinionated.  Even so, he has always felt that children should “not speak unless they were spoken to.” Apparently, we are all supposed to emerge at 21 and be verbally adept.  I believe that it was my lovingly imposed quietness as a child that caused all of these words to build up to such a point of burgeoning that now, at the age of 45, I must free them…hurriedly.   So, here I am…blogging.  Perhaps, this is the reason that so many blog now; their parents must have all been of the same generation of children-hushers as was I.

Now that you have found me and this blog, you will soon discover that it will vary wildly in topic as I have an eclectic set of thoughts whirling around in my head. Readers may click in to find posts about my family, philosophy, education, music, books, and numerous other personal points of interest.  Please share your thoughts with me and let’s enlighten and sharpen one another with our beliefs, musings, and words.  Welcome.  Let’s talk.

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