Serenely Immersed

There are many seasons in a lifetime and

I’ve been around long enough to know many seasons

I find that their coming and going is a lot like the waves of the ocean

You may stand through this one

But the next one may knock you off your feet 

Curious, being held up by the very waters that try to drive and draw you down


There was a season that I can’t remember

I’m told that I was a delight


There was a season when I was powerless

No one will ever harm me again


There was a season when I was amazed

I realized that knowledge is a perpetual and prevailing friend


There was a season when I was idealistically trusting

I left unscathed and trusting still


There was a season when I gave myself over to the ceaseless love of a man

We have no regrets


There was a season of children

and they taught me about me


There is this season of buoyancy and anticipation

I welcome the next undulation of time

Swimming through these many seasons I have developed and reassessed

developed and reassessed

I still see them arise and diminish as the ocean’s waves

So much life under the water

So much wind above

I’ve learned to find stability in the deep and

to be refreshed by the wind


Advancing seasons

Deeper water

The eventuality

Serenely immersed

Living forever

in the unfathomable deep

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