BookWalk: Goldie Locks has Chicken Pox

I have a whimsical selection to share with you for this BookWalk.  Erin Dealey has paid homage to the classic tale of Goldilocks in her book Goldie Locks has Chicken Pox.  In this updated tale, Dealey has given the mischievous little darling a new setting and a different crisis, altogether. 

As her father looks on, the story opens with Goldie’s discovery of itchy red spots.  Her concerned mother calls Mama Bear to see if Baby Bear has also shown signs of chicken pox.  From that point on, Goldie Locks is visited by some other familiar characters, such as Henny Penny and Little Red Riding Hood, all while watching the spots multiply.


In this illustration, we see that Bo Peep stops by for a visit.  The truth is that she is more interested in finding her sheep than comforting her itchy friend.


Throughout Goldie’s grueling ordeal, she’s taunted by her pesky little brother.  He’s clearly jealous of all the attention that his big sister is getting, so he calls her names and darts around the house like a chicken-pox repelling super hero until Goldie can’t take another minute of it.


Aside from appreciating the refreshing recreation of this popular classic, I am wild about the illustrations.  I’m a big Eames Era fan and Hanako Wakiyama, the illustrator, has captured so many of the lines, fashionable colors, and mod details of that time.  The above illustration is my favorite of them all.  The hanging kitchen utensils, the plastic canisters, and the orange juice press are exemplary of the visual style of this book.  On a side note, I’ve also seen my mother with that same expression on her face.  It still makes me jittery when she gives me that look and I’m forty-five.  I’ve tried it on my sons, but they just laugh.

Give this book a read and be sure to let me know what you think.  Leave a comment below and share some of your favorite children’s books with me.  Maybe we can do a BookWalk on them, too. 

Goldie Locks has Chicken Pox

Erin Dealey, Author

Hanako Wakiyama, Illustrator

Scholastic, Inc.

ISBN:  0-439-47890-1

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