Family Haiku (Non-traditional) (Re-posted from June 29, 2012)

elder son, Joel

intimidating young man

filled with compassion


younger son, Christian

exasperating, witty

simply beautiful


the man, the dad, Charles

nurturing male mother, calm

azure-eyed soul-mate


root, sprout one, sprout two

home-grown trilogy of men

three vines in one

Still Flirting, After All These Years


I couldn’t resist this shot.  Mom and I were waiting in the emergency room with my Dad last week and they were steadily bumping each other’s feet.  They weren’t talking to one another and Dad was rather groggy.  Even so, they were steadily tapping one another’s toes.

Mom and Dad will celebrate their 50th year of marriage and flirting in several months.  We’ve been through a lot, as a family, over the past year and a half.  Dad has been in and out of the hospital with various issues.  It’s amazing to see how love endures through all circumstances.

To another 50 years of playing footsie.

Humble Summer

small town 826763_80479356(As a little girl, I had the pleasure of spending summer weeks with my Grandma and Grandpa in Humble, Texas.  I was one of thirteen grandchildren.  Grandpa had each of us convinced that we were his personal favorite.  Those dreamy visits provide the impetus for countless discussions, cherished collections, and beloved recipes.)


I have arrived!

My parental escorts deposit me in this candy land

Without understanding of my full value

Unappreciated in my hometown

Adored in this alternate reality


I am Grandpa’s favorite chollywoggler

There is none beside me

An entire year spent in preparation for my return

An entire season given over for the visit of a little girl

My treasured Humble summer

BookWalk: Forever Young

fy 1

Forever Young, by Bob Dylan and illustrated by Paul Rogers, offers a timeless blessing to all generations.

fy 2

This selection repeats Bob Dylan’s words of hopefulness and expectation as he looks in to the future and finds a world in which peace and harmony reign.  Rogers, the illustrator, has graciously allowed us to see his vision of those words and that world.

fy 3

Not only does this book repeat the lyrics of the classic song, but through Rogers’ illustrations numerous tributes are made to people and places that colored the 1960s.

fy 4

In the initial illustrations, a young boy is captured by the singing and strumming of a man on the street.  The man gives a guitar to the little boy; passing on the tool of his trade and the blessings that accompany it.

fy 5

Throughout the pages, the reader sees the young man grow and mature as he follows in the footsteps of the street musician and his message.  Eventually, the young man passes on that old guitar to a young girl with full expectation of the continuance of the message.

This book satisfies me in multiple ways.  It speaks to my musician, my teacher, and my book lover.  I hope you will enjoy it, too.

Forever Young

Bob Dylan, Author (Composer)

Paul Rogers, Illustrator


ISBN:  1-4169-5808-8