Still Flirting, After All These Years


I couldn’t resist this shot.  Mom and I were waiting in the emergency room with my Dad last week and they were steadily bumping each other’s feet.  They weren’t talking to one another and Dad was rather groggy.  Even so, they were steadily tapping one another’s toes.

Mom and Dad will celebrate their 50th year of marriage and flirting in several months.  We’ve been through a lot, as a family, over the past year and a half.  Dad has been in and out of the hospital with various issues.  It’s amazing to see how love endures through all circumstances.

To another 50 years of playing footsie.

Word Wall


Brick wall

Glass wall

Invisible wall


Painted wall

Paneled wall

Papered wall


Perimeter wall

Inner wall

Outer wall


Trombe wall

Picture wall

Wall of memories


Retaining wall

Fortress wall

Wall of defense


Hit the wall


Wall of resistance


Dividing wall

Walled in

Walled up


Wallowing in misery

Wall-eyed fit

Another brick in the wall


The Wall Street Journal

Against the wall

Occupy the wall


The Wall

The Wailing Wall

The Great Wall


The Berlin Wall

Hole in the wall

Crumbling wall


Wall of sound


David Walliams



Climbing the wall